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Multinational Insurance

Global Insurance for Multinational Companies

Whether you are a multinational company operating in many countries, or a UK based company with plans to expand internationally, FinCred IS can provide the solutions to your multinational trade credit insurance requirements.

What is Multinational Insurance?

Multinational insurance takes into account country-specific regulations for companies with a presence in more than one country when purchasing insurance.

Not all insurance brokers have the range of experience to secure complex solutions that cover a business operating in multiple countries. A long-time multinational insurance broker, Fincred IS can meet the needs of international businesses both big and small. 

If your business operates in multiple countries, or you have plans to expand operations overseas, then we act on your behalf to access the specialist independent global insurance broker in your required country or countries to coordinate a trade credit insurance solution that meets your multinational needs.

How Multinational Insurance Works

There are two broad approaches to multinational insurance, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

The multinational could choose to take out local policies in each of the countries they operate in, underwritten by companies native to those countries. These policies will have no direct connection with one another and will have to be separately managed, which can cause organisational difficulties, but you can be sure that cover is appropriate for the laws and standards of those countries.

Alternatively, a company operating in multiple countries may take out a single policy underwritten in their home country. This is called a global insurance policy and allows for easy, central control of the policy. You can expect a global policy to provide consistent terms admitted across the countries the policy covers. 

The approach that is best for your business depends on many factors, every business is different. That is why it is best to work with experienced brokers to cut through the complexity and implement a multinational insurance policy that works best for you.

The Risks Involved in Multinational Insurances

There are many more considerations involved in multinational insurance than in a standard insurance policy. 

What is sufficient proof of insurance in the subsidiary country? Do claims need to be paid out in local currency or can they be paid directly to the parent company? How will a payout be taxed? How else must the parent company and international subsidiaries remain compliant with local regulations? These are all questions that can result in issues for multinational insurance holders. 

These risks are the reason you should choose a trusted expert in the realm of multinational insurance to help find your policy. Fincred IS are here to support you throughout the whole process. 

Your Global Insurance Brokers, FinCred IS and UNIBA Partners

UNIBA Partners is an owner-led, client-centric global network that provides insurance broking, risk management and employee benefits solutions to businesses. Our membership with UNIBA Partners gives us the capability to access the expertise of over 70 independent global insurance brokers collaborating in over 130 countries. 

Each UNIBA Partner embodies the same values as FinCred IS; commitment to delivering exceptional service with the client’s needs put first. The partners allow us to achieve a global reach to help support our clients’ growth overseas but with local knowledge of jurisdiction and culture.

  • 100% independent or owner managed
  • 70 independent brokers
  • Representation in over 130 countries
  • Managing €7bn in premium volume
  • 4,000 combined staff


Why We Work With UNIBA Partners to Provide Multinational Insurance

UNIBA is an international partnership of global insurance brokers with the common goal of providing exceptional service to international companies. 

At UNIBA Partners the clients come first which mirror the values of FinCred IS. The fundamental values of Quality, Integrity and Commitment are reinforced throughout the group at a management level so clients can be confident when they seek advice and services from UNIBA Partners.

To discover our multinational insurance capabilities contact [email protected] or visit the UNIBA Partners website.


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