Surety Bonds

What is a Surety Bond?


A surety bond is an agreement, issued by an insurance or surety company, which assures monetary compensation in case the contractor or client fails to perform or meet required specifications.

Bonds and guarantees are required in trading professions to secure the obligations of the principal debtor against the beneficiary.

They guarantee the performance of a variety of obligations, from construction or service contracts, to licensing and commercial undertakings. Almost any sale, service or compliance agreement can be secured by a surety bond.

As independent surety specialists, we provide clients with our comprehensive expertise on bonds and guarantees.

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What type of Bonds do we work with?

Performance Bond

A written guarantee that ensures payment is made if a contractor fails to meet contractual requirements.

Construction Guarantee Bond

A performance bond specifically geared towards the construction sector and certain forms of construction contracts.

Retention Bond

A type of performance bond designed to protect a job after it’s been finished. A guarantee that the contractor will carry out any work needed after the contract has been completed, even if full payment has been made.

Advance Payment Bond

A bond which guarantees an employer’s upfront payment to a contractor for goods or services.

Bid/Tender Bond

A bond sent with a tender to demonstrate that the contractor is able to fulfil the terms of their bid. If the contractor is successful, the bond is usually replaced with a performance bond.

Road and Sewer Bond

A guarantee taken out on the behalf of a property developer to ensure roads and sewers are completed to the necessary standards under the Highways and Water Industry Acts.

Restoration/Reinstatement/Landfill Bonds

Bonds that ensure land will be returned to an agreed state after a project is completed.

Duty Deferment/VAT/Warehouse Guarantee

Guarantees sent to HM Revenue & Customs to allow late payment of duty or VAT on goods imported to and stored in the United Kingdom from overseas.

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