If your business operates on credit terms, you may already know that the risks of a bad debt from an insolvent customer, or an unforeseen political event, can be enough to negatively impact your financial progress. 

Through no fault of your own, one or more large invoices can go unpaid and the process of recouping your costs can often draw valuable resources away from where you need them most.

Credit insurance provides reassuring support, enabling your business to trade with confidence.

Choose From a Wide Range of Credit Insurance Solutions

When it comes to credit insurance, there are a wide range of options available, from whole turnover insurance to single debtor insurance, from global insurance to market specific, and much more. 

It can be daunting navigating the market alone. 

FinCred prides itself on its client-centric relationships. By taking the time to understand your unique business and trading situation, we find the optimal product for your company, making certain the insurer providing your financial security is the best one for you. 

FinCred’s team of experts operate in your best interests. With passion and care, we draw on our specialist tools, long-standing relationships and over three decades experience, securing the effective trade credit solutions you need.  

If you want to secure your cash flow, feel financially confident and see the vision for your business realised, we’re excited to hear from you. 

That’s not all

With our wide ranging expertise in the market, FinCred is also able to offer an extensive list of additional services, including international insurance, automotive aftermarket insurance and commercial debt collection.

Our Services

Trade Credit Insurance

Credit terms are beneficial to facilitate trade, but it comes with a risk. If one of your invoices goes unpaid, the interruption to your cash flow can be devastating.
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Surety Bonds

FinCred specialises in brokering surety bonds for the construction sector, providing bonds in support of construction contracts or supply only contracts within the sector.
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Commercial Debt Collection

When you hire a debt collection, or credit collection service, a team of regulated experts will take the burden of unpaid invoices off of your hands.
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General Insurance Brokers

FinCred partners with independent general insurance brokers to assist in placing and managing trade credit insurance and surety bonds.
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Multinational Insurance

When compared to a standard trade credit insurance policy, there are numerous additional factors and considerations involved in multinational insurance.
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Automotive Aftermarket Insurance Services for IAAF Members

Does Your Business Operate In The Automotive Aftermarket Industry? For any business that operates on credit terms, there is a risk that invoices are left unpaid or paid late...
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