Our Story

By the early nineties, Mark had forged a successful career as an insurance broker working for Clarkson Group, LPH Group and Gibbs Hartley Cooper (now Marsh). But in 1993, he was suddenly made redundant. With two young children to care for, two key things became clear to him. Firstly, he didn’t want his family’s future in the hands of whichever company signed his paycheck. Secondly, his 16 years in the industry had allowed him to create a far more powerful business tool than a salary. He had built strong, client-centric relationships. 

So that year, working alongside his wife Ruth, he founded the independent specialist trade credit insurance broker Financial and Credit Insurance Services (FinCred).

With no office, Mark ran the business from his living room. In order to ensure resources were focused on his clients, he would frequently walk to meetings. But his tireless commitment to the care of his clients paid off, and the FinCred team expanded, soon moving into its first office. 

In 1999, Mark’s dedicated team and growing reputation allowed FinCred to relocate permanently to Sevenoaks. FinCred quickly grew to become one of the UK’s leading independent specialist trade credit insurance brokers, a position it still enjoys today with the addition of hubs in Birmingham and Tunbridge Wells.

In 2016, Hannah Lyon-Wall joined FinCred, heading up the credit insurance team. Hannah, a Chartered Insurer with over a decade of experience in the industry, has since been nominated for Insurance Woman of the Year at the 2020 Women in Insurance Awards for her work with the business. 

FinCred now works with companies in over 13 countries worldwide. From home, to global. From a living room in south London, to supporting the growth of clients in the UK, Chile, Australia and many more. 

As a measure of our passion and dedication to your success, FinCred’s first two clients still work with us today. We don’t simply take on new business, we care about your success.