When compared to a standard trade credit insurance policy, there are numerous additional factors and considerations involved in multinational insurance:

  • Policy: What is sufficient proof of insurance in the subsidiary country? 
  • Claims: Do claims need to be paid out in local currency or can they be paid directly to the parent company? 
  • Tax: How will a payout be taxed? 
  • Regulations: How else must the parent company and international subsidiaries remain compliant with local statutes? 

What is Multinational Insurance?

Multinational insurance takes into account the specific controls and legal requirements of each country in which you operate. Not all insurance brokers have the extensive experience and relationships necessary to guide you through the process of securing these complex financial solutions. 

FinCred can meet your international business needs, both big and small. 

If your business operates in multiple countries, or you have plans to expand operations overseas, then we act on your behalf to access the specialist independent insurance broker in your required country or countries to coordinate a trade credit insurance solution that meets your multinational needs.

Your Global Insurance Brokers, FinCred and UNIBA Partners

UNIBA Partners is an owner-led, client-centric global network that provides insurance broking, risk management and employee benefits solutions to businesses. The group includes: 

  • 100% independent or owner managed businesses.
  • 70+ independent brokers.
  • Representation in over 130+ countries.
  • €7bn in managed premium. 
  • More than 4,000 combined staff.

FinCred’s membership with UNIBA Partners gives our clients access to a network of international credit insurance brokers with expertise in local jurisdiction and culture.

Why We Work With UNIBA Partners to Provide Multinational Insurance

FinCred and UNIBA Partners share a core value: a commitment to delivering exceptional service with the clients’ needs put first.   

The fundamental values of Quality, Integrity and Commitment are reinforced throughout the group at a management level so our clients can be confident that when they seek advice and services from UNIBA Partners, they receive a quality of service that matches FinCred. 

To discover our multinational insurance capabilities contact FinCred or visit the UNIBA Partners website.